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B2B Sales Strategies and Tactics with Jonathan Wu, VP of Sales and Co-founder of GrowingIO

Episode Summary

Selling your product to businesses is tough. Today, we talk to Jonathan Wu, Co-founder and VP of Sales of a fast-growing B2B SaaS Company GrowingIO, to share with you the most advanced B2B sales strategies based on his experience. GrowingIO is a leading data analytics platform provider in China that helps drive business growth through data insights. Their current clients include Bytedance, China Mobile, Tujia, Didi and more. He shared very useful strategies and tactics on how to close B2B deals and how to understand clients’ pain points of adoption. As he pointed out, it’s very important to understand your clients, your product and user journey, and also to remember to talk to the decision makers. Later, he used GrowingIO as an example to explain how to classify products for different types of clients, and how GrowingIO has scaled the sales team in the past 5 years.

Episode Notes

01:59 Introduce Jonathan Wu

02:41 About GrowingIO

05:23 Why Jonathan started the company

08:25 How Jonathan decided to take the sales role

09:50 How GrowingIO got the first client, 猎聘

12:50 How to train the sales team

16:13 It takes 12 months for a new sales person to be mature

17:20 How to onboard the clients and understand pain points of adoption

21:05 How to select clients

23:27 Mature Internet companies build their own data platform

26:35 It’s necessary to add services on top of the software

29:26 Classify products and services for different clients

33:12 How GrowingIO has scaled the sales team

36:08 Connect with the decision maker to close the deal

37:38 Contact Jonathan

Many thanks to our guest Jonathan Wu, host Oscar Ramos; ; producers Eva Shi; editors David and Geep; organizer Chinaccelerator; and sponsors People Squared and Himalaya. Be sure to check out our website

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