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Enabling Smart Cities: The Tech in the Driver's Seat with Bruce Bateman, Chief Technical Advisor at Lite-On Technology

Episode Summary

Rapid urbanization and population concentration are challenges for many cities, especially in Asia’s fast-growing economies. Technology and data are helping to make our cities more efficient and sustainable. We are building smart cities, which integrate technologies to optimize every aspect that impacts every individual’s life, from waste management, utilities, transportation, education, food access and more. Today’s guest Bruce Bateman is a technology veteran, a serial CEO and CTO, who has seen the technology from hardware to new media, or the most advanced networking protocols. He has been involved in the launch of nine startups. Today, he is leading the drive for Smart City technologies as Chief Technical Advisor at Lite-On Technology, a leading player in the smart city space. In this episode, Bruce will talk about how he helps city planners deploy the appropriate technologies to build smart cities, specifically in terms of transportation, education, and aging populations. Bruce will also share the role of technology and why solving real problems is something that really matters. “It won’t happen without involving people”, this is why Bruce is more willing to call them “smart communities” rather than “smart cities”.

Episode Notes

02:13 Who is Bruce Bateman

09:54 Starting up in Asia is different from that in Silicon Valley

12:00 Design for manufacture and its challenges

14:30 The coronavirus outbreak is pushing forward the technologies

15:20 What will smart cities look like in the future

19:50 The cars industry is working on their intelligent innovation for smart cities

23:06 Transportation is one of the easiest problems to solve today

23:44 The education demands of different people

28:00 “The technology we are developing today will develop the smart city in the future”

29:34 The overhyped concept of “smart city”

35:00 How will technologies help to take care of old people

39:18 How to contact Bruce

Many thanks to our host Oscar Ramos; our guest Bruce Bateman; producer Eva Shi; editors David; organizer Chinaccelerator; and sponsors People Squared. Be sure to check out our website

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