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Gamification is Not Copying Games with Monte Singman, iDreamSky Technology

Episode Summary

“Most of the gamification activities happening in the market are superficial” This is a statement from today’s guest Monte Singman, a game veteran with 33-year industry experience. So what’s the real meaning of gamification? How should people include game dynamics into products? Monte has an insider and interesting point of view about games and gamification. In today’s episode, he will address the importance of fun, a key element for the successful gamification which is sometimes overlooked. And the best stage for gamification is when users feel comfortable to spend the time without restrictions. Currently Monte is the VP of international business development at iDreamSky Technology, one of the largest independent mobile game publishing platforms in China, and he has brought over 100 mobile games into Chinese markets. We will also talk about his business path from Silicon Valley to China and the technology that he believes will change the game industry.

Episode Notes

01:47 Welcome Monte to the podcast

02:13 How Monte got into gaming

04:01 Transition to business

06:30 What drove Monte to the US

09:30 Adoption of games in Asia

11:57  Drivers behind creating new games

16:15 Asian games focus more on functions

19:50 Playing video games is an easy way to fill in boredom

23:31 Challenges to implement gamification

25:03 “The core asset of gamification is fun”

27:15 Why kids like playing games rather than study

28:30 “Most gamification activities are superficial”

34:29 How to make the process pleasurable

36:50 Is VR a must-have for games?

41:11 The technology that will change the game industry

Many thanks to our host Oscar Ramos; our guest Monte Singman; producer Eva Shi; editors David and Geep; organizer Chinaccelerator; and sponsors People Squared and Himalaya. Be sure to check out our website

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