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Localizing in the Mobile-Only China Market, with David Chen, CEO & Co-founder of Strikingly

Episode Summary

When entering new markets, it is crucial to be able to localize the business. There are few startups that have achieved this and one of them is Strikingly - a Series B startup that helps non-coders or designers build beautiful websites that work on both mobile and desktop. In today's episode, we are happy to have David Chen, CEO and Co-founder of Strikingly to join our podcast China Startup Pulse. David quitted Goldman Sachs and founded Strikingly in the US, which later became the first company to join Y Combinator. After noticing the opportunities in China, David and his team moved the company to China where he has successfully localized the business and continued to serve the global users. He shared how they have established a strong local presence in China, in terms of product features, marketing channels, and even a Chinese company name.

Episode Notes

02:07 Introduction of David Chen

03:45 Strikingly's experience in Y Combinator

05:00 What is Strikingly

05:30 Why Strikingly went to China and their advantages

08:40 Build a local presence in the Mobile-Only China market

16:31 It took 3 years to launch a local product

17:24 How the name 'Strikingly' was born

21:10 How Strikingly localized in China

26:31 Products’ differences for Chinese and global users

30:30 Special needs from Chinese users - WeChat mini program

35:39 Regulations of building websites and WeChat mini programs in China

36:46 How to hire in Shanghai

Many thanks to our host Oscar Ramos; our guest David Chen; producer Eva Shi; editors David and Geep; ; organizer Chinaccelerator; and sponsors People Squared and Himalaya. Be sure to check out our website

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