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Setting your Startup for Success: VCs Perspective on Chinese startups expanding across borders, Becoming Investible, and Leveraging Investors; w/ Rui Ma, Kal Patel and Nichapat Ark

Episode Summary

Welcome to another episode of the Asia Startup Pulse! Today, we have a special episode from our 8x8 Global Speaker Series where we bring 8 notable speakers to talk about their experiences in building, operating, and scaling businesses across Asia and beyond. In today’s episode, we are bringing three incredible speakers and seasoned investors: Rui Ma, Kal Patel, and Nichapat Ark, to share their insights on what it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur building cross-border businesses.

Episode Notes

Rui Ma is a former VC-turned independent tech analyst with her experience spanning from seed stage to pre-IPO investing spread between the US and China. She is well versed with the startup ecosystems in the US and China, having previously worked at 500 Startups as an investment partner. In today’s talk, she offers some invaluable insights for startups going across borders and brings light to potential pitfalls that startups must avoid at all costs.

Kal Patel is a seasoned investor and the Resident Advisor at Oxford  Foundry and has led the expansion of Best Buy in Asia in the past. He brings with him a plethora of experience working with and investing in startups from all around the world. Even startups that have the most groundbreaking technology oftentimes fail to generate interest from investors early on and in his talk, he shares insights as to how early-stage startups can become more investible.

Nichapat Ark works extensively with Openspace Venture’s Thailand-based startups as well as startups looking to expand into Thailand. In her talk, she shares insights as to how startups can better leverage their investors, an art that every startup founder must perfect.

Show notes:

02:20 - Rui Ma: Important considerations for Chinese startups going global

13:40 - Kal Patel: How can startups become more "Investible"

24:00 - Nichapat Ark: How to better leverage your investor


Many thanks to our guests Rui Ma, Kal Patel, and Nichapat Ark; host Oscar Ramos; producers Eva Shi and  Sagar Chaudhary; editor David; organizer Chinaccelerator; and sponsor People Squared. Be sure to check out our website

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