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The Go-to-Market Playbook by NIU: a NASDAQ-listed Chinese Smart E-Scooter Company

Episode Summary

Today we talk about the global mobility industry with Joseph Constanty, Director of International at NIU Technologies, a Chinese company that produces and sells lithium powered two-wheeler scooters. Starting from Zero in 2014, NIU has sold over 810,000 vehicles worldwide and continued their international expansion in 34 countries. NIU also went public on NASDAQ in 2018 which is only 4 years after it was founded. Why is e-scooter a good solution for urban transportation problems? How did they get started and what’s the reason behind its fast growth? In today’s conversation, we will address these questions and also talk about how NIU uses data to improve the hardware products and user experience. Stay tuned until the end where we will take a deep look at their unique go-to-market approaches.

Episode Notes

02:12 Introduce Joseph Constanty

03:08 Introduce NIU Technologies

03:37 How Joseph ended up working in mobility

04:40 Urban transportation problems in emerging markets

07:38 The position of China in the global electric vehicles industry

10:45  NIU was firstly launched and sold through online crowdfunding campaigns

13:04  The e-scooter customers

15:08  NIU’s history

18:38  The best practices of bike sharing

21: 23  The “technology” gene of NIU

22:43  How NIU uses data to improve the user experience

25:53  NIU’s playbook of internalization

30:24  Different data policies in different countries

32:00  Challenges when a Chinese brand expand to overseas markets

35:20  Is China a leader in the global mobility industry

38:15  Model to work with overseas distributers

40:13  NIU’s unique go-to-market approaches

43:23 “Cars are the enemy of our cities”

46:40 How to contact Joseph

Many thanks to our host Oscar Ramos; our guest Joseph Constanty; producer Eva Shi; editors David and Geep; organizer Chinaccelerator; and sponsors People Squared and Himalaya. Be sure to check out our website

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